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As a doula, I'm here to provide support
for women through pregnancy, empower them through their childbirth experience, and fight the
culture of fear toward birth.

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I'm a mom of two boys, a former high school English teacher, and a pretty strong empath.  Four years ago I would not have anticipated that this was the path I was pursuing.  When I was pregnant with my first son, I chose to have a doula and it was the best choice I could have made for my pregnancy and birth.  Not because everything went the way I wanted it to, because it certainly didn't.  But I felt healthy, calm, confident and empowered throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery.  She helped me to understand and trust the process that my body was going through.  
I want to offer this to other women, to empower them, to help them trust their bodies and the process of giving birth, and to help them navigate unexpected changes with stability and compassion.

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It's important to me that you know you have the best team surrounding you during your birth.  Our relationship starts with a free consultation, followed by one to two prenatal visits.  Throughout our time together we will discuss your reasons for having a doula, create a personalized birth plan, and talk about prior experiences with birth.  

I am also available for unlimited phone, email, or text support at any time should you have any questions



When labor begins, I will support you over the phone and meet you at the hospital or center where you have chosen to give birth.  I will support you physically by guiding you into different positions to support the baby's movement and position.  I will support emotionally through calm reassurance, maintaining the birth environment that you've chosen to have, help you communicate questions to the medical staff, and support your choices throughout the way.

I will also document and photograph your birth experience - provide powerful photographic memories of the experience, dependiing on your choice and what your labor allows.


After your delivery, I will stay with you to offer immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support.  We will meet again 1-2 times over the course of the next few days and weeks, depending on what your needs and preferences are, and how I can best support you!



Photography has been an interest and hobby of mine since I was twelve years old.  Though I feel somewhat untrained, (especially with editing) I would love to develop as a photographer. As your doula, birth photography will be available for you if you are interested.  Additionally, I can offer simple, affordable maternity, infant and family sessions!  I would love to gain experience, and capture some sweet memories for you without breaking your bank.


The Peri Parcel is a postpartum care kit offering quality products and helpful resources to help moms prepare for recovery.

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